Hi there.

My name is Hannegijs.

Horizons are rather important to me, that’s why I don’t last very long in the city (at least not on the ground).

I am an artist, though lately it seems so much more relevant for me to emphasize that I am also mainly, well – actually fully, human.

I travel a lot. Preferably not by airplane. Sometimes by bike.

I write letters.

Art, for me, is not so much about creating but mainly about observing. Or let’s rather say, perceiving, as it concerns all of our senses, and emotions, too. It’s about being. About how just being is already so much creating in itself – at least when you invest in developing the proper awareness of it all: train the eye, train the ear, train the body. And after all that, see what miracles the mind can do.

That’s why I also like to teach.

Mostly I just talk about it with nice individuals I encounter on my way.

Collecting is a term I like. Not in the materialistic sense, but as a way of reminding myself of all the memories and thoughts and images and little things I gather around me and how between them new compositions and connections can arise and how those can lead to new thoughts and words and images which can lead to new connections and compositions which lead to even deeper insights or even feelings and, you know, it just never ends.

photography: Hanne Postma